Healing in the resurrection

On Sunday, Fayez came out of Gaza to be ready for another echocardiogram and blood work early tomorrow morning at Sheba Hospital. He and his grandmother would stay with us at the house in Ashdod. At noontime, we gathered to lay hands on him and pray for God’s mercy and healing.

We could see though how weak he was and that he wasn’t really able to eat or drink. Over dinner that night, we asked for Messiah’s wisdom, and as everyone shared, the consensus emerged that we should get him to the ER. Coworker Bria and a visiting medical resident Koren, left with Fayez and his grandmother immediately.

Less than an hour after arriving at the Pediatric ER, Bria texted: Fayez stopped breathing and is being resuscitated.

Within another hour it became clear that the healing of Fayez would only come in the resurrection. We received a text that Fayez was without pain and was with the Lord now.

Fayez’s grandmother entered Erez with the ambulance and crossed the border with him. Our prayers as a community go with this family. God give them peace and consolation.

A blog that tells Fayez’s story soon follows. Meanwhile we thank you for your prayer for this family.