Little Ghena needs to get bigger

Co-worker Georgia and I were sitting outside the operating room today at Sheba hospital. We were waiting together with some of our lovely moms for their children to come out of their procedures. In between moments, Ghena’s lovely grandmother and little Ghena herself came out of the secondary ICU (near the OR area). Ghena had to have an echo today. I joined them. It was lovely to see Ghena. Even though she is so small and was under her blanket, she already is a beautiful girl. She was very calm during the whole echo, the outcome of which is that Ghena needs another surgery in the future. Probably in one or two years. Her grandmother took this information with strength and calm as she has in the past with difficult reports. She really is a lovely woman and it’s always very nice to see her in the hospital. Our little Ghena is still recovering well, but since she is so small, she needs to gain some weight before she can be discharged from the hospital. Your prayers for that are much appreciated.