Little helper

After almost three and a half months in Israel, adorable Arya and his mom still have to wait for more echos to find out when they can finally be reunited with their family.

For the time being, Arya is making everyone’s day better in our Ashdod base. When you enter in the morning, he’s the first one to wave at you and imitate your facial expressions until you just have to start smiling. On the other hand, he’s not just observing our daily work, but actually wants to help. Therefore he was really interested in me cleaning a room in the family house and tried to help me wipe a few shelves.

For every task he accomplishes, he happily shows his mother what he did. Arya’s mother is so patiently waiting for all of Arya’s treatments to be done; she misses her daughters in Kurdistan very much yet she’s always so kind to every one of us.

Between cleaning sessions Arya is always up for a little photo-shooting and is absolutely cute in every one of the pictures. Lately he’s been using his time waiting for the next echo to practice walking and is really eager to stand up everywhere he can.

Thank you for your prayers for Arya and his kind mother.