Little king

Today was a long day for our good friend Kenan and his mom. They both joined us when we went early morning to the garden tomb to celebrate the resurrection of the Messiah. Last week she already celebrated with us the beginning of Passover.

Later we brought her to the temple mount as she was so eager to go there during Ramadan. When we walked back to our room afterwards Kenan wanted to hold both Luisa’s and my hands while his mom pushed his stroller and Kenan looked so pleased. He was sitting in his stroller as if it was a little throne for him, the little king.

In the afternoon we brought him and his mother where he finally got his EEG which he waited for over the last six days. The test went pretty fast and Kenan will come back in six weeks for a neurology appointment where we will learn about the results of the test. We enjoyed it so much to have Kenan and his mother here with us during the last week and we will miss them dearly now that they are back in Gaza! Please keep praying for them.