Little Lawi’s catheterization day

Today was catheterization day for Lawi. As we came to the hospital we looked for him in his room, but  they said he had been picked up three hours ago. Quickly we went to the ICU where we saw a room full of doctors and nurses standing around Lawi’s bed.

Shlomi (a very nice nurse) greeted us and told us a little bit about Lawi’s condition. Lawi’s mum was very quiet and I had the feeling she didn’t really know what was going on. Dr. Sharon  talked to us and explained that Lawi’s pulmonary blood pressure was very high during the cath so they had to give him oxygen. It was a lot to take for him and they had to resuscitate him. We were quite shocked but she took all the jolt out of the situation by saying, “He has nine lives. He is awake and cute.“

I was thinking he is cute but no, he doesn’t have nine lives. However, he does have a loving and caring Father in heaven. God was with him during the whole cath and also will be with him now. We gave them some space and I came back to see them in the afternoon.

I was delighted by his well-being. Lawi was awake and smiling. Shlomi gave him something to drink and explained to Lawi’s mother how well he is doing. Again and again the nurse said to me how cute Lawi is. I love to experience the love the staff give to our Shevet children and how much they care for them. Shlomi explained me that it is very important after a cath to check the child’s blood pressure and the skin color. As you can see for yourself his skin looks very good.

I praise God for His presence in the cath and for the amazing staff he gave to support Lawi. I pray that Lawi and his mom can more and more experience God‘s Love and that Lawi will recover well from everything.