Little Rohat still intubated

I visited cute Rohat and his mom in the Sheba Hospital Pediatric ICU. I saw that her beloved son is still intubated. That is normal after the surgery Rohat had yesterday.  Even before the surgery, he was intubated for quite a long time, because of his virus.

He is doing well overall after his surgery yesterday. His mother was in a good mood and would just like to know when he is having his next surgery and after that, how long they will have to remain in the hospital.

I told her that no child is like the other child and no surgery like the other and no recovery like the other, so I don’t know and the only one who does know exactly is God.

That being said, let us pray that she might know that as well and that she continues to be the lovely and patient woman that she has been until now.

Pray for healing over Rohat’s precious little life.