Little steps for a little baby….

Today was my first time meeting Omar and I must say underneath all the tubes and cables I could see a beautiful, small baby.

His grandma greeted us with many kisses as we entered his room. She was very happy to see us and told me to get closer to Omar’s bed, so I could hold his tiny hand. The three of us were standing around his bed and Denae and I started to pray for Omar’s life while stroking him softly. During the prayer I had the feeling that Omar calmed down and he enjoyed our prayers.

“You can pray for anything, and if you have faith you will receive it“ Mtt 21,22

Because we are able to pray whenever and wherever we want, we prayed for healing and blessing above his life. After a few minutes, a nurse came in and told me that he is doing good and they will try to extubate him as soon as he is awake. This news warmed my heart and I praised God for His action at all times.

Please join us and continue in prayer for little Omar.