Little sunshine

Our Maryana is still waiting hereĀ  at our community house in Ashdod for some news from her doctors at Sheba Hospital, which means probably a date for a catheterization. She and her mother enjoy the time here with us and don’t complain at all about the waiting.

Maryana has changed so much in her time here which is so beautiful to see. Before her surg, she didn’t like playing with the other kids or with us and wasn’t very happy without her mother around. In the last weeks, she opened herself up more and more and loves it now to spend time with us.

She runs at you smiling as soon as you enter the room, and is so happy when she is allowed to come with us to our staff house to see our dog Shevie and play the piano.

Yesterday we went together with her to the park and she didn’t stop running around at the playground. We pray for this cute girl and her patient mother, that Maryana can soon have her next intervention.