Lively spirit at the Jerusalem Guest House!

For now Shahad is discharged! She has to wait for a special Cath that is supposed to regulate her heart beats. Great for us, since she is enriching our community in Jerusalem with her adorable and lively spirit now! We displayed her creativity for many other volunteers in the hospital by painting pictures and enjoying stickers!

But our little friend can’t sit still for a longer time. She loves to move and to dance. Then her whole face is spreading contagious joy. Also on the playground you can’t stop the seven-year-old. “Schwey schwey” (Arabic for “slow down”) are the words she probably hears the most!

Furthermore our girl is also helping us with cleaning and cooking and shows the great care of a big sister for the 16-month-old named Rahaf, a Syrian refugee from Jordan, who is currently also living with us at the Jerusalem guest house.

Shahad is accompanied by her aunt from Gaza. The aunt is doing ok. She is missing her family and is also a bit upset that she can’t be there for her family at the moment. But she is cooking awesome food for us and gets along quite well with others in our community. Please pray for her that she also receives joy for this service to her niece Shahad and for her help to Shahad’s family! Please also pray for the girl and her aunt that they are allowed to experience God’s love, life and grace in our Jerusalem guest house!
Today we were at the garden tomb and told them the gospel. May the seed grow strong!