Liver biopsy necessary

Probably I could write on every blog that it is absolutely lovely to visit the parents that are in the hospital at this moment. But the truth is, that is how I feel. Every parent is just so lovely and made so different by our heavenly father. It makes me think of how beautiful God created all parents and all of us with different weaknesses and strengths. I love to think about it and how everything is fitting so much together in the end.

When I visited Sheba Hospital today to see little Mohammed, it was lovely to see the cute little guy lying in his tiny bed, with his eyes open. He’s such a cute boy and it was lovely as well to see his great aunt.

She is an extremely friendly person. Everytime I visit her, she is so smily and happy, and asks over and over again how I am. For me that means that it is not just a phrase for her, but that she is really interested in me. She is also everytime asking how everyone is within our Jaffa community and asks me to give them her greetings. We communicate everytime with a Translation application on our phones, which is sometimes very funny because it is not the best option to communicate with each other, but at least there is a way.

Today she told me that they want to do a liver biopsy for Mohammed because he is still quite yellow. It is possible his father is coming back in the next few days or weeks.

Please pray for this lovely little boy that the doctors can figure out what is causing his yellow color and for his whole family to be patient about the whole situation since Mohammed is in the hospital for a long time now.