Long and Difficult Surgery

It was a long and teary wait for Lana in the hospital today as she underwent a large and complex surgery on her heart. Lana is 13 years old, she is an only child and lives with just her mother at home. This is quite a rare family set-up for a Kurdish family and having come from the same background myself I wouldn’t even want to imagine the pain her mother was experiencing. She seemed to hold her breath for the entire 8.5 hours it took for her to be reunited with her daughter. She wept often and was restless but thankfully due to our large Kurdish and Palestinian community at Sheba currently, Mama Lana was never alone. It was wonderful to see so many people comforting, encouraging and blessing Lana’s mum.

When the surgery was over the doctor reported that it had been a very long and difficult surgery. Lana so far seems to be tolerating it well and she is stable however the next 24-48 hours mark a critical time for her and she is vulnerable over this time. As we were leaving the hospital Lana was waking and beginning to raise her hand to show the doctors she was aware of them. The doctors are hopeful to extubate her this evening.

Please pray for Lana and her mother that they both have peace. Please pray for Lana’s body to heal quickly and strongly over the next day and that she will be strong in her weakness.