Long-awaited discharge!

As we arrived at the Jaffa base this evening with Halbast, Georgia asked, ‘do you remember this?’
Halbast and his mum had been at the Jaffa base for just one night before going to the hospital, so most likely he has no recollection of being here! Although our hope is that, like all the families, he and his mum will settle in and eventually come to know our house as their home while in Israel.

Archie and I went to the hospital this morning at around eleven o’clock to see if Halbast would go home. However, it wasn’t until six 0’clock that he actually left the hospital! He had a good blood test, though his sodium levels are a bit low, and he is also coming home on a no-fat diet which, because most Kurdish cooking is done with oil, is a bit daunting.¬† But thank God, Julio translated the instructions and the reason for the diet; there is a emulsified fats fluid formed in the small intestine during digestion of fatty foods¬† called chyle which poses a risk, so in these cases it is normal for a child to be on a fat-restricted diet.

Halbast truly is adorable, and we are all excited to have him at Shevet and get to know him! Please pray that the good progress he has already made would continue and that we could shine Jesus’ light to him and his mum.