Long-awaited news

Our beautiful Mariya had an appointment with the pediatric urologist at Sheba Hospital this morning. He explained that the doctors have reviewed the results of Mariya’s isotope scan and decided that she definitely needs the surgery to remove her left kidney. The good news is that they plan to do the surgery with a robot, which is a less invasive procedure than traditional surgery, and he expects that Mariya can live her whole life with just her right kidney.

Even though the prospect of surgery is a difficult one, this is actually very good news for Mariya because the doctors expect that this operation will resolve her chronic infections. For the last two years, almost all her parents’ time and attention has gone to trying to get treatment for her. Once this problem is resolved, she and her parents and big sister will finally be able to spend time together as a family.

We’re now waiting for a surgery date for her. Please join us in prayer for a date soon and a successful operation.