Long Day at the Hospital

Our sweet Teenager-Girl had a¬†long day at hospital but she kept smiling and endured the long appointments and the waiting time in between with great patience and without complaining. I could see that this wasn’t easy for her. All the way from Shevet to the hospital she had been coughing and she also has a bad pain coming from her neck going down through her back.

First we went to get some blood tests done. In the part of the hospital we were was a little booth with hot coffee and tea and biscuits which made it more pleasant to wait.

Soon the nurse was calling Lana and we went to get the echo done. It’s not a comfortable procedure so I cheered her up and was praying at the same time. Looking over her results the doctor¬†encourages her to be more active and to start with walking outside. Please pray for her mum as she is worrying a lot to be more confident and to enjoy with Lana the time with our other families at Shevet Achim.