Long day for little Mir

The day for our little Mir started early today because he is staying at our guesthouse in Jerusalem at the moment, and it takes about an hour in the morning to drive from there to the Sheba Hospital. Mir’s first appointment was with a geneticist, as they believe Mir’s heart trouble could stem from a genetic condition, although this needs yet to be explored.

After his genetic appointment, little Mir had to see the neurologist. This was a quick appointment and the doctor was satisfied with his neurological condition. He is responding to noises, smiling and making good eye contact.

However, both of the doctors agreed that little Mir is yet too weak, and needs exercise and weight-gain. After this long day of appointments, our little Mir was tired and fell asleep. Joining him was his mother, who also slept in the Shevet van on our way back to Jerusalem.

Please pray that Mir will gain weight and strength, and that his mother can be patient and calm about this situation. Pray also the doctors will come to understand the root of Mir’s heart trouble and how best to treat it.