Long day, how to proceed

A blood test, EKG, echo and x-ray – all this was on Lawik’s schedule today. The doctors tried to get as much information as possible about his situation, because at least one major surgery is due to fix the transposition of the great arteries.

Of course, this necessary procedure demanded a lot from Lawik. But he was completely relaxed. He even fell asleep during the echo, and the doctors were very impressed with his calm. His mother explained to me that his middle name “Aram” means “calm” in Kurdish and that is really true. He was calm itself!

After all these appointments, the doctor explained the challenge of the operation to us with the help of a small drawing. Because the two major arteries are reversed, the blue blood cannot be oxygenated in the lungs, but instead flows to the body without the oxygen. The red blood, on the other hand, flows back to the heart after being supplied with oxygen.

To produce a short-term relief, the Kurdish doctors made a hole to mix the blood. However, a child cannot survive in this way in the long term. That is why the Sheba doctors want to replace the arteries, just as is the case with a healthy heart.

The doctors will decide in the next few days whether one or two operations are necessary. May God give them wisdom and strength in their decision. Please also pray for Lawik’s family that they have hope and faith.