Long Surgery

This morning I checked on the fifth floor where Hassan’s room was. Over the past two weeks his surgery has been rescheduled, but today I found his room empty and his beautiful auntie waiting on the fourth floor by the doors of the operating room. She was very calm and enjoyed the company of a mother from Jerusalem and also Rafif’s grandmother. Sitting with her was a blessing because she shared with me about her life in Gaza, and showed pictures of her children. There was this one particular picture she showed me of her and her son on his wedding day that really touched my heart. It was candid and showed so much love and joy between the two of them.

When Hassan came out of surgery – which was very long, it lasted six and a half hours – she called his father who was very happy that his son was out of surgery. The surgeon said that the surgery went well, and when I saw what his heart problems were, I understood that the surgery took so long because his heart was very complex. We pray that Hassan will progressively recover and become the bouncy, happy boy he has always been. And please pray that our volunteers would be able to minister to his beautiful aunt while she is here with us. Thank you Jesus for seeing this little boy and interceding for his life.