Long surgery

The surgery in Sheba hospital today for Akar took nine hours. Akar’s doctor explained to us that they had to find many arteries to reconnect them, which is very complicated, although the surgery went very well. Also a second surgery is probably needed, but it would have been a high risk to do it all at once.

Akar’s Mom was extremely calm and patient and waited all day along with another mother, whom she knows from being in quarantine.

It is a special situation, because it’s the second time of Akar‘s mom being in Israel for her child’s surgery. She was here a few years ago before with her older daughter whose surgery was again sponsored by Shevet Achim, so she knows already how it works here.

At the end of the waiting, Akar’s mother was more nervous and worried because it took so long and the doctors told her that it usually takes only (around) six hours. Also, no doctor gave us an update during the surgery. A co-worker told us this is a good sign, because it means the child is not in danger, which helped us not to worry.

After the surgery was done, we still had to wait a long time before Akar’s mother could enter his room. Let’s thank the Lord for the good surgery and please pray for a good recovery for little Akar.