Long Time Coming

For Bella today has been a long time coming. Up until last week we were still unsure as to whether or not the doctors would go ahead with a catheterisation as her right pulmonary artery is atypically small. There was a high chance that the doctors may have felt there was no more they could do to improve her presentation. However, we thank God so much that the catheterisation team today felt that they had found a way to treat the area of narrowing in Bella’s artery.

Bella’s mum was surprisingly calm  (at least on the outside) as she waited for Bella to come out of surgery. Staying in Israel for such a long time has been a big sacrifice to mum and to the rest of Bella’s family back at home. Her 3 siblings miss their mother and sister greatly. We were able to look over Bella’s time in Israel and family pictures from back home as we waited for Bella.

After around 4 hours in theatre the medical team arrived back Edith Bella just waking up. The catheterisation had been long and thorough and the doctors were pleased with how it had gone. It wasn’t much time before Bella was back sitting and chatting in her bed. Thank you God so much for the work you have done in Bella’s body to heal her heart. May she grow up to know You as her creator and Heavenly Father.