Looked after by our faithful Father

Neena’s mother was wonderful during the 4 hours during which she waited for her only daughter to be brought out of surgery. She was strong and patient and occasionally enjoyed the company of others whom she knew from Shevet. Otherwise, she was happy to sit in the waiting room until the moment Neena’s surgery was finished. It started to rain very heavily towards the end, with thunder and lightning; her eyes lit up with excitement!

We saw Neena come out of the operating room, and watched as she was taken into her room in the Intensive Care Unit. Neena’s mum ran back to the waiting room, kicked off her shoes and flung out Neena’s blanket on the floor before quickly diving onto her face in thankful prayer for her daughter. It was beautiful to see her humility and gratitude before God.

Shortly afterwards, the surgeon came to tell us that the surgery had been very successful. She has had a Glenn procedure, and all being well, this is the last surgery she will need for a few years.

Last week, a group of Israeli girls came to the Shevet home as part of a Bat Mitzvah project. The surgeon who operated on Neena today is the father of one of those girls, and joined them for the visit. Today, as he explained the good surgical result to us, he also told us how Neena was extremely special to his daughter, she had met and interacted with Neena on her visit to Shevet. She has been asking him often, “how is Neena?,”  and so it was a precious moment for me to hear him speaking not just as her surgeon, but as a father, who’s daughter’s heart is full for Neena.

Thank God that he is the most faithful of all Fathers and has brought Neena through the surgery safely.