Lots of tests, hugs and kisses

Today was Dahen’s long-awaited admission for his surgery at Hadassah Medical Center. We already left the Jerusalem Guesthouse in the morning and checked him in.

As soon as the papers were ready, Dahen had to go through a lot of tests.

He liked some of them, for example, the ECG, where the nurse tickled him to distract him from all the stickers. But he also hated some of the tests. The Covid test for example, where he got the little rod in his nose, and the blood test, those were the worst. He cried and screamed, so we had to hold him tight, which wasn’t nice.

Especially his mother felt with him, but after every single test, she managed to cheer him up again, gave him hugs and kisses and made him smile. Every minute they spent together you could see their great bond and the trust that Dahen has in his mother. And as soon as every test was done and a very kind nurse explained to his mother what will happen to Dahen before and after the surgery, he was able to go to a kind of school in Hadassah.

He was playing games and painted together with his mother. That was the time for me to say goodbye.

For tonight they will stay in their room in Hadassah and tomorrow morning Dahen’s surgery will begin. Please pray for our little boy, that the Lord will keep him safe tomorrow and will also bring peace over Dahen’s mother, who is really worried. But let’s not forget to thank our God! He has given this mother and her son a great bond and lots of love they can share, for He is the source of love!