Lovely Khonav

Lovely Khonav will, God willing, have her cath tomorrow! Even though it has been canceled twice before, we are hopeful because I talked to the nurse who said she was the only one scheduled for tomorrow! We went to the hospital in the late afternoon, and her bed in the secondary cardiac ICU was ready when we got there. It was crazy because the room was so empty! I’ve never seen the room with just one bed in it, usually there are four!

After that, we spent some time together doing what we love to do: braid Khonav’s hair! So she got out her brush to comb through, and then I french-braided her long, beautiful hair. We looked at pictures after. it’s funny because many Kurdish families love taking pictures, and it’s not until you go through the camera albums in their phones that you realize you’re in some of them! It’s a funny experience, but I also value this because they have documented many of the special moments we have together.
Please pray for Khonav’s cath tomorrow, she has waited long for this, and we pray that the results from the cath will be able to inform the doctors as to what surgery she needs. Thank you God for the wonderful medical staff, and for creating a way for beautiful Khonav to receive treatment.