Lovely little “Ballou”

Our little Lalo is always called “Ballou” by his loving mommy when he cries and she takes him in her arms to help him calm down. Lalo’s mom is very worried about her little precious son because last night he experienced some Tachycardia. To get his heartbeat back to normal, Lalo was given medication twice during the night. Thank God that worked out well.

Another thing that worries Lalo’s mother, is that our little Lalo has problems with swallowing and because of that, he’s not eating enough. For this reason he has already lost 700 grams. In addition to oral feeding, he is now fed through a stomach tube to prevent little “Ballou” from losing even more weight and to regain his strength quickly.

It is always nice to see how much his mother loves him and cares for her “Ballou,” taking him lovingly in her arms when he cries and comforting him. Thank God, the little man does not need supplemental oxygen, his oxygen levels are very good.

Please pray for our precious “Ballou” and his worried mommy, that her beloved son will get better little by little, and that she will have peace and trust in God.