Lovely little Huda needs a Catheterization

Despite the fact that little Huda is the first child of the young, loving mother, it seems that she already has years of experience with children.

When I visited little Huda and her loving mother today at the Intermediate Pediatric ICU at Sheba Medical Center, her mother was eating a meal. Friendly as she is, she also offered me something, but I gratefully declined.

After a while, a nurse came in to check Huda’s vitals and I had a chance to ask her how Huda was doing in general. The nurse was very friendly, and told me today Huda was good, but on other days also rather worse. Huda became restless and cried when the nurse checked her vital signs, but of course her loving mom took care of her, held her in her arms and calmed her down.

Unfortunately, precious Huda needs a Catheterization, but it is not known when as yet. Your prayers for this little girl and her worried mommy are appreciated even now.