Lovely Meera

The friendly father of Meera told me this morning that Meera is not well today. He said she was vomiting her medicine yesterday evening, and again this morning. Also, when I took care of her for some time today, I noticed that she was quite warm when I was holding her, and she wouldn’t calm down.

We measured her temperature and found her with fever, we called Sheba hospital and were told it would be better if we brought her to the ER, which I promptly did. I thought to myself they were going to be admitted again. I felt sad for them since it has just been three days now that they are out of the hospital.

Meera had to undergo a blood test, X-ray and a Corona test. She cried a lot during these exams. There was an Arabic-speaking doctor at the ER which was very helpful for Meera’s father. God always provides what we need.

We waited two hours for the results of the blood test and for decisions to be made with how to proceed with Meera. Praise the Lord that there wasn’t any sign of an infection in her blood, and also the X-ray showed there is no fluid in Meera’s lungs, the same as it was three days ago on the day of her discharge.

Doctors decided to give Meera her medicine in the hospital to observe if she is vomiting it again, but she did not. They told us to bring Meera to our Jaffa home again, with the suggestion to keep measuring her temperature and if it spikes, we can treat it with Paracetamol.

All were pleased Meera didn’t have to return back to the hospital. Please continue to keep this lovely girl and her father in your prayers.