Lovely Sewar


Lovely Sewar, a one year old girl from Gaza, had a post operative follow up echo. Frank and I picked up both Sewar and her Grandmother from the Erez border to take them to Sheba hospital today. Even though she was in Israel before, I hadn’t met her yet. Sewar was very attached to her grandma, and from the comfort of her arms, would often doze off or else smile at us when looking around. Frank made wonderful company for them as I ran around the hospital trying to find milk because they couldn’t bring their own through security back at the border. It was cool in these small instances to see God provide for even the small needs that are pertinent to how the day goes.

Sewar had a wonderful echo, although she didn’t like having it done. The results were so good that the doctor prescribed she follow up with a cardiologist in Gaza six months from now and come back to Sheba in one year for another check up! We drove them back to the border and said goodbye there; it was a beautiful day with only good news for Sewar, I’m so thankful for all this day has brought.