Lovely Time at the Gaza Clinic

There was a lovely atmosphere at the Gaza Clinic at Wolfson hospital today. We were blessed to have 3 toddlers with us who all enjoyed playing together, colouring and occasionally trying to eat a crayon or two when their mums weren’t looking!

Firstly there was Jamal, he has an older brother in Gaza and the two love to play on the beach together. Jamal’s echo today was to investigate next steps for surgery. He has some medicine before the echo which made him sleep throughout.

Beautiful Arwa apparently has changed a lot since she first came to Wolfson. She now is able to walk and is very happy in herself. She had fun rearranging the furniture today in the waiting area. She had a good echo.

Yemen has 1 brother and 3 sisters and is a very confident 1 year old. He enjoyed pretending to be on the phone with big puzzle pieces and laughed a lot as we played catch. He has already had his surgery and he had a good echo today.

Mohammed is a very sweet 7 year old. He was very worried to be in the hospital and cried a little as he waited for his echo. However, we were able to see his lovely smile and laugh as we played with some bubbles in the waiting area. At home he is not yet able to go to school but he attends a day care.

Finally, Mariam came to Wolfson today to be admitted for surgery. She is a beautiful hound baby and she was really taken with a little knitted octopus we had with us today. Please pray for her surgery this week.

We are so grateful to God for the opportunity to be able to meet these lovely people from Gaza. Please pray for the healing of the children today, for the medical team at Wolfson and for ease of movement for these families as they travel to and from Gaza.