Low oxygen levels


Today Halbast went to the hospital for a blood test. The skillful nurse was easily able to draw his blood, although it was upsetting for little Halbast.

The Doctor read his blood test. Although she was pleased that his sodium levels have improved, she added that it would be good to have another blood test with his echo this coming Sunday. There are some other areas which need to be looked at. It could be that he would need a referral to another Doctor if he does not improve. However, that he can stop taking one of his medications was a piece of good news received with enthusiasm by his mother.

Later in the afternoon, we checked Halbast at home, and noticed that his oxygen levels seem to be dropping. After the surgery, his oxygen levels were up to sometimes 100%, but today they were down to around 85%. We decided to take him back to the hospital, and thankfully everyone there was very helpful and quickly put him on oxygen to stabilize him. They explained that the oxygen levels being so low was unexpected and they wanted him to stay overnight to have further assessment into the cause of the low oxygen saturations. Hopefully, the cause is something simple like a virus, rather than there being a problem with his heart.

His lovely mother was very patient to wait for many hours for a room for Halbast. Eventually, we went up to the cardiac unit, and were greeted by about five members of staff, all excited to welcome Halbast and his mum. They poured love over him, gently changing his oxygen cannula and bringing food, all exclaiming how lovely he is and how cute his facial expressions are. One of the doctors stated that Halbast’s mother is a wonderful mother in how beautifully she cares for him. I hope that she will feel her welcome and that her stay with Halbast back in the hospital will be short.