Low oxygen levels

This morning coworker Jan and I picked up our good friend Kenan at Erez. His mother directly greeted me with a big smile and a “Marhaban Um Kenan,” as we are always joking that we switch roles and I am Kenan’s mom while she is volunteering at Shevet.

Before Kenan had his echo, his mom already told us that Kenan was in the hospital in Gaza a few days ago as his oxygen levels dropped to 50. Also in the echo, his numbers haven’t been very good and so his doctor decided that it is time for his next surgery. The doctors will discuss his case this week and then call him soon for a cath before surgery or directly for surgery. In the meantime, Kenan and his mom will wait with us in Ashdod and we will enjoy our time together with them.

Please pray that Kenan will stay safe in his time here and for wisdom for his doctors!