Lying in a manger

“You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

When we came to the hospital today we found baby Wael wrapped in a blanket, and lying in this fancy sliding “manger”. It reminded us of the very first Christmas. (Even Jesus’ manger probably won’t have looked like out of space.) Every newborn child is such a miracle, but still nothing compares to our Lord Jesus coming down to us as a helpless child.

It must have been an incredible feeling for the shepherds: first, the frightening angel visitation and then seeing the little babe, knowing that this is the Savior of the world. Love makes vulnerable. So you can imagine how much God has to love us to become a small baby just like Wael.

Wael is already looking better. They removed his nasal oxygen tube. Now his satuation is between 70% and 80%, which is okay.

I was really happy to hold the tiny little boy in my arms. It hurts me to see these little ones lying in the beds and not getting that much body contact as they need and as they would get at home.
He was sleeping the whole time, only waking up for some seconds to drink a bit of milk. It was a very peaceful time with him and his very hospitable great-aunt.