Mahmoud opened his eyes again

Colleague Ruth and I were warmly greeted by Mahmoud’s grandma when we entered his hospital room at Sheba Medical Center. Ruth describes her as the “sweetest and friendliest grandma in the world,” and I agree. Her smile is so warm, and she is so patient and caring for Mahmoud.

Earlier in the morning, before the extubation attempt, it was amazing to see Mahmoud open his eyes again. He was no longer under the “blue light”. His overall organ functions, including his liver, are slowly improving. The nurse described it as Mahmoud slowly walking out of his sepsis phase. The hospital team attempted an extubation today, but they were unable to wean him off of mechanical ventilation. In response to this, his grandmother still smiled and patiently said that she hopes he will slowly get better. We continue to pray for him as he recovers, and we know that God is with him.