Mahmoud’s surgery day

Mahmoud’s grandma is such great company. Today was the day of Mahmoud’s surgery and we spent quite a long time together during the long wait. Between the frequent phone calls from her family back in Gaza, she introduced me to other people in the hospital whom she’s come to know. ¬†They were all so kind and friendly; it’s so nice to see the little community they have together.

She was also very interested in my life – where I was from, why I wasn’t married, and, of course, she wanted to see pictures of my family. She told me she has nine other siblings – her parents had five sons and five daughters! We laughed a lot when I told her I only have one brother.
Eventually the surgery was over; we were all so grateful to God. Little Mahmoud is doing well and they are hoping to extubate him tomorrow. Please pray for a good recovery for this beautiful little baby and strength for his lovely grandma.