Making Decisions for Treatment

Mohammed was enveloped in blankets this morning, as he was wheeled out of the ICU for a CT scan. I sat with his sweet Aunt for a while; this time was precious as I felt the holy spirit leading me to ask if I could pray for her and for her nephew, and thanks to the Arabic speakers in our community who can often be found so immersed in theological conversations you wonder if you didn’t accidentally stumble into a seminary class, I have picked up some vocabulary which I used to explain what I prayed for. It was a really special moment as we held hands and came before Jesus asking for this little baby from Gaza. And please join in our prayer for baby Mohammed as the results from the CT scan showed he has abnormal pulmonary circulation, and now the doctors will decide whether to put a stint in his heart via a cath or whether to place a shunt in him via surgery. Please pray for the wisdom of God to guide the doctors as they make these big decisions and peace for his amazing aunt.