Making Good Progress

In the afternoon I went to visit our beautiful Marya. She was sleeping and she had some chest tubes. Her Dad was very happy with her progress. Before the surgery her oxygen was very low but now it is better. I love her so much and I miss her smile so I tried to wake her, but today I couldn’t get a smile from her. She only opened her eyes and with her hands asked for my cell phone. Together we saw some videos. That was a comfort for her and a sweet time together.


After a little bit I went to see Aram.  She had just gotten out of her cath and was in the same room as Marya. But when I turned just for this moment, two doctors and one nurse came and they removed Marya’s chest tubes. Her Dad and I were very happy for that. Thank you Lord for a fast recovery. Please continue to pray for this beautiful baby and her complete healing.