Many Questions

As parents we are keen to know all the answers to our concerns about our children and Marya’s mother is no different. When we entered the echo room this morning, our nurse Diana had a list of questions for the doctor from mum. During the echo Marya lay placidly focusing her attention on a song coming from the phone. When her doctor entered he ask for specific images to be taken. He was concerned about Marya’s laboured breathing and tight tummy, both of which were on her mother’s list. Her oxygen saturation levels are satisfactory and the echo images showed her liver is slightly enlarged, which may be the reason for her tummy tightness. There were no new issues with her heart today. As the doctor explained to us his plan for adjusting her medications and fluid intake, more of the list could be marked off. Good blood test results from last week answered more questions and finally the doctor finished the list by saying that Marya can begin strengthening exercises for her legs and trunk. At the end of the week she will have another blood test and then her third follow-up echo in 10 days. From this a time maybe set for future surgery.

As we put our trust in our Heavenly Father for Marya we can haveĀ  confidence that his father heart has many blessings in store for her. Thanks for praying.