Marya admitted for her last cath

This evening, Marya was admitted for her cath tomorrow. God willing, it is the last intervention. She was full of energy and her Dad had to run after her all the time.

When we entered the examination room, we could see in her face that she was remembering the examinations she had before. So she was a bit nervous. We tried to entertain her with singing and playing. We also had to keep her away from all the medical equipment which was very interesting for her.

When I sang “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart,” she was laughing again. When the nurse checked her vital signs, she was quite calm in the arms of her Dad, until she saw the thermometer. At this moment, she got really afraid, but after some minutes, she was fine again. Her Dad is so patient and loving. Let us pray for a restful night, with “peace that passes understanding down in their hearts” and a successful cath tomorrow.