Mariam doing well

Mariam and her mum returned from Gaza to Sheba hospital today for a check-up. Mum described the difficulty in getting though all the security checks today at the Gaza, Erez border crossing; it sounds like a long morning for everyone. They arrived at the hospital in the afternoon, and thankfully the Cardiac Department welcomed them warmly and quickly brought Mariam in for an Echo-cardiogram.

The doctor was very happy with how her heart is looking at the moment, and therefore mum was happy. It was good to see that she has more peace about Mariam’s health than previously. We were all also happy to see that Mariam is growing well; she has increased by 1.5kg over the last month, and mum showed us Mariam’s little double chin.

She also had an EEG test today. Thankfully she fell asleep, as required, despite having had a long sleep on the journey here. The technician will send the results to the neurologist, but indicated that she thought the test looked good.

For now, Mariam, in the arms of delighted co-worker Berith, has traveled to Jerusalem to wait with mum for the neurology appointment next week.

Hopefully they will have a blessed time in Jerusalem.