Maryam returns to the Shevet house

Our beautiful Maryam was welcomed back to the Jaffa base this afternoon! She is quite different to her pre-surgery self. Part of that is due to the damage her vocal chords sustained during intubation so she cannot speak above a whisper.

Maryam’s mum, Sara, was very happy to come back home.  We’ve really missed them both!  Sara is always helping others so having her in our community is a continuous blessing.  Even today, at the hospital, as we waited for co-worker Marcus to come pick us up with the car, Sara found some time to spare for giving comfort and encouragement to another mother in the waiting area whose child was in surgery.

We got to the Jaffa base just in time to see a few of the other families returning from the shops with sweets for after Ramadan! Thank God for bringing Maryam through two surgeries in one week and through recovery. We pray that her vocal chords heal up completely and that she can return to her inquisitive, vibrant self, once more.