Maryam, the beloved

Another new kid is on the block! Today, from Kurdistan, two year old Maryam, together with her mother, arrived at Gen Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. They are members of a Christian refugee family.

Maryam has a complex congenital heart disease and needed extra oxygen during her flight here because of her low oxygen rate. After the landing she was very tired and slept until the arrival to our Shevet house. Her condition is stable now and we are looking forward to the helpful treatment she will receive at Sheba Medical Center.

She isn’t shy or cautious and started immediately to connect with the other kids. Her mum is very kind and I am so happy that she can speak a little bit of English so that I can also communicate with her.

The name “Maryam” means something like “The beloved.” We hope and pray that she feels beloved during the time at Shevet Achim and that she will get to know the unfailing love of our heavenly father. Her first assessment is scheduled for the first of March.