Maryam’s long journey

It was a joy to welcome Maryam to our home in Jaffa. Her mother often said how Maryam would ask her if she could finally return “home”, to return to her new brothers and sisters. She fondly recalled each of the children’s names. The families here also welcomed them home with open arms.

She was only at the home for one night. The next morning, her mother called and was worried about Maryam. I found Maryam cradled in Sara’s arms, exhibiting signs of difficulty breathing. With her history of respiratory complications after her second surgery, we brought her to the hospital for a further assessment.

The cardiologists received her with care and wanted to perform additional tests on Maryam. She was first admittedĀ to the respiratory emergency department. She needed to first pass her coronavirus test prior to being admitted to the cardiac unit, but also needed to receive care during the waiting period for the test results. During this waiting time they were able to perform more diagnostic tests and to give her oxygen support. Her X-ray was worse than the previous day, and the doctors were able to give her additional medication to help remove any excess fluid.

Maryam was so afraid of the nurses and doctors, which only worsened her symptoms. Sara was so brave in comforting Maryam. She was scared, tired, and confused as to why Maryam was in this condition. Yet she brought all these concerns to God.

We were isolated in a room together for around 8 hours. In this waiting time, we prayed together, laughed together, and cried together. Sara shared about her hospital experience, and how Maryam still had a long journey in her road towards healing. Maryam will need more exams and more intervention procedures including another surgery. We were both comforted in knowing that God was walking with Maryam, every step of the way. Sara shared her trust in knowing that God is holding Maryam in His hands. He is not only with her now, but will be faithful and steadfast for the rest of her life.

Maryam was finally transferred to the intensive care unit, where they could perform more tests and monitor her. Please continue to pray for Maryam and her family as they continue in this long journey.