Marya’s cath was canceled


We went to the hospital today and I visited Marya. She had a line in her left arm and her Dad was desperately trying to keep her arm straight and trying to console her at the same time as she needed an infusion. She just wanted her Daddy. I felt helpless as I tried talking to her and stroking her leg to take the attention away from her arm. Eventually, her Dad took her in his arms,  and rocked her to sleep. All this time, the alarm was ringing because she had bent her arm so the infusion couldn’t work. I tried to straighten the tubing in the hope that the noise would stop but to no avail. Eventually a nurse came in and took the line out of her arm entirely because her catheterisation was cancelled due to another baby who arrived needing intervention urgently.

Dad dressed her and we went to join Colin on the 4th floor and then went to the play area. Marya was very happy and we played on the train. Another child joined us, and the mother of the other child took a photo. T he two little ones hugged each other and I thought how lovely it was and why can’t adults be more like children!

Marya is back at our home now and is waiting for the cath appointment to be rescheduled. Please pray for God’s timing and for the family to have peace and patience.