Marya’s farewell blog. See you soon!

To me it feels like yesterday that I picked up Marya and her Dad from the airport. I still remember Marya’s crying face and the fact that she didn’t want to go into the car and didn’t allow me to carry her. Now, nine weeks later, I carried her in the middle of the night to the car to bring them to the airport. As I was thinking about this, I was full of joy that Marya opened her heart, not only to me, but to all of us and let us love her so much.

She learned to share, to sing , to do the moves of “the wheels on the bus“ and to snuggle us.
Marya is such an amazing girl and her father is great as well. I think I never met a father who is that patient and caring as he was.

Today however, he was a bit nervous and stressed. Usually he is very focused and organized, but today he forgot very important papers underneath his pillow, so we had to go back to the Shevet home to recover them. Then, at the airport, I saw him put the papers in his bag. Three minutes later he was searching for them everywhere and began to panic a bit until I reminded him to look into his bag. He was very relieved. Finally, he was ready to fly back home to his wife and kids whom he missed a lot.

Saying goodbye to Marya wasn’t that hard because we expect her to come back in around three months. Until then, I know God will take care of them and hope He will bless Marya and her family. Please pray for a good healing process also back home in Kurdistan. The work situation of Marya’s father is not that easy and he is not sure whether he can come back to Israel. So please pray that he will have his return passage secured if needed. May God keep them both in His hands. We love you Marya!