Marya’s full-of-surprises appointment

Today we went for Marya’s first echo after surgery hoping to get some answers for the near future. The waiting was long and we had good times and better times. We played in the train, we walked around, she laid down pretending to sleep, she cried and she laughed, she ate chocolate, cakes and biscuits.  She watched many, many videos on her dad’s phone. Since the doctor took such a long time to be with us and share his findings, I had the opportunity to be with Marya and enjoy her sweetness and tender heart as well as observe her dad,s patience and deep love for her.

For Marya’s dad, there was a lot of anxiety as he was waiting for a proposed date for Marya’s next Cath. He wanted to go back home as soon as possible, and having the news last week of another Cath being needed was not welcome news. He was hoping that maybe a date of return within a month was possible.

We finally got to the examination room. The doctor started to look at the echo and after maybe ten minutes of looking at the echo, he said, “I don’t understand this echo so I am going to do it myself to understand what is going on with Marya’s heart.” We followed him to the echo room. He took his time performing the echo, we were able to hear Marya’s beautiful healed heart and see everything he needed to see. Then we followed him again to the examination room, he sat down and made numbers. Then he said, ”Oh, I like this so much more that the other echo! Marya is doing better than I expected!” That was the first surprise!

Then he took some more time writing everything in the report, in Hebrew and English, so that we could understand and follow everything. Then as he was writing the last phrases, he spoke them loudly, so that we could listen to the best part of the report.”It seems that pulmonary pressures have gone down, and she is doing so much better. Stop one medication, and give the other one, once a day. I would like to see her in one week, and if all is fine, we will stop the second medication, and let them fly back home!”

Second and third surprise: there is no need of another Cath, and hopefully, they will fly home next week! I couldn’t believe it. My eyes got a little moist as I immediately translated for him all this wonderful news. He jumped in that room and his eyes were also a bit teary… how wonderful to serve this amazing God that is full of surprises!

Today,I can only be thankful for all of you that are supporting our families in prayer. This is an answer to our prayers. I thank God for the opportunity of glorifying His name with these families every time something like this happens, and all we can say is “Supas bo Xhua!” Thanks to the Lord!