May God Protect Her

I was really excited to see Reem and her mum today, as I had heard that good news of Reem’s extubation, but hadn’t been to the hospital to see her until today. So, it was sad for me to see Reem’s mum who is usually so joyful, feeling very stressed and upset.

She explained to me that’s yesterday Reem’s heart had a muscle spasm and caused her heart rate to rocket up to over 200 bpm. Her oxygen saturation dropped and mum recalled how all the doctors and nurses had rushed into the room, like a scene from a horrible film, she says. Thank God that today Reem was stable again, but still not quite back to how well she was doing before this incident.

Mum explained her worries, which she believes, that as Reem has gone better and people have seen photographs of her looking beautiful now, they have not prayed for God to protect her. Mum is convinced that this is the reason why her baby has had this very upsetting episode. I agreed with her, that we always need to be praying that God will protect Reem, so please join us to pray God’s protection over her life. Praise Him that He has made her to be beautiful, and that we can continue to be able to joyfully share the news of her recovery.