May we be as family to them

Thirteen year old Mohammed came with his mum today from Gaza. He has a condition called Tachycardia and was first here for treatment this past October and November. However, a mix-up in the schedule occurred, so his appointment was rescheduled for next week. He and his mother are staying with us in Jaffa for the time being.

When I saw his mum at Sheba hospital, we ran to embrace one another. Both her and Mohammed are some of the most kind and loving people I have ever met. The 3-D sculpture of a heart which Mohammed painted during his previous stay is still on display in the Cardiac floor. Besides somehow growing a good three inches taller in the span of three months, Mohammed is the same creative, funny, and intelligent young man I remember him being.

We had dinner together with all the Kurdish and Gaza families tonight. Afterwards, Mohammed, one of the fathers, and a few of us volunteers played a Kurdish-Arabic card game.

Please pray for Mohammed as he anticipates his catheterization next week, and may we be as family to them while they wait.