Meera’s first assessment

Meera and her father had their first trip to Sheba Medical Centre today for her initial appointment. It was a hard day for her which started with a blood test. You can perhaps see in the photograph the dark purple colour of her little foot.

Secondly came an echo, and this also was very sad for her, however in the caring arms of her father, she eventually fell asleep. This was good because Meera’s heart defects are incredibly complex, and the echo took a very long time. Nearly all the staff from the department seemed to pop into the room at one point or another to look at the images from Meera’s heart, as the complexities of the defects were very interesting.

Her oxygen saturation today was between 57-72%, and her cardiologist explained that this is really not a safe condition to be sending her away from hospital today. She also would like to do further assessments from a CT scan to understand more about Meera’s heart and help plan intervention for her. Therefore, Meera was admitted to the hospital today. She continued to catch the attention of a few doctors as they passed by her, shocked to see this cyanotic little girl.

Her dad handled the day calmly, although I’m sure it would come as a big relief that finally after one and a half years, Meera is in the hands of highly a experienced medical staff in a well-equipped hospital. He told me that Meera is his only child, of course she is extremely precious to him.

Please pray for Meera as she settles into her time staying at the hospital and thank you in advance for your prayers of intercession on behalf of this dear little girl.