Meeting Ahmed’s Lovely Mum!

Sophie and I visited Ahmed today. I had seen his little body under the heat lamp yesterday, but only heard from the doctor that he was recovering well from his surgery the precious day and they were planning to extubate him.

So today when we returned to the ICU we had the real pleasure to meet his mum. She speaks English fluently, and it was so easy to chat with her. She joked that she has become a doctor for Ahmed during this time now. She is clearly an intelligent lady who wants to know and do everything which is the best for her son.

She has 2 other children, and Ahmed is now 2 weeks old. She told us about how she had to take Ahmed to the doctor in Gaza on multiple occasions showing his dark skin and blue fingers before his heart defect was considered. Then, she thanks God for the miracle that her baby has been given permission to come into Israel for surgery. She described this as a miracle, and felt for sure that Ahmed would have died in Gaza with no surgery. We thanked God together that Ahmed’s great arteries have been switched successfully.

She explained that Ahmed was extubated yesterday, but unfortunately he needed to be reintubated, as his lungs couldn’t yet cope to breathe independently. Also she showed the signs of ischaemia on his left leg. Sophie and I were able to share the great testimony of healing in one of the babies here over the winter time, whose blood flowed back into the big black patches where there had been a lack of oxygen, and hopefully this was an encouragement for her.

So, we prayed together and it was a hopeful time, as she shared how she knows Ahmed is a miracle and we shared how God has seen her family and not forgotten her.

We are so thankful to be able to share the message of hope with her, and spend time together. Please keep Ahmed in your prayers!