Meeting old friends

Today I’ve finally met our little Maryam again! The last time that I’ve seen her was months ago so it was really exciting for me to see her a lot bigger and with more hair than the last time, and her lovely grandmother again. I picked them up at Erez this morning and after waiting for another child we could finally hit the road to Sheba Medical Centre. As soon as we arrived there, Maryam immediately got checked in and then we had to wait for a little while, until we got called in by the Echo technician. In the waiting time Maryam’s grandmother was meeting up with all the mothers in hospital she met during the few months Maryam was admitted to Sheba. It was so nice to see how all of them stayed in touch and enjoyed the time they had.

Then we got called in for the Echo and Maryam smiled through almost the whole Echo (as she did the whole day long). Also the ECG went well and then we had to wait for the doctor.

This took actually a long time, but Maryam’s grandmother seemed to be fine with that, since she could talk some more with her friends. But then we got called into the doctors office.

He said that Maryam’s heart condition was fine and she even can stop taking Fusid! Her next follow-up appointment is in two months. But then we also talked about the PEG-tube. It needs to be renewed since it is very old and not nice anymore. So Maryam will also have an appointment for that as soon as possible. After a long day full of examinations, waiting and meeting friends, we could drive Maryam and her grandmother back to Erez. I really enjoyed spending this day with them and making Maryam smile. May the Lord bless this wonderful family. They are such lovely people and we are all looking forward to the next time where they will come back to Sheba!