Meeting with the Doctor

Today was a good day for Marya, because finally we have got news that the medical team have decided they are able to operate on Marya’s heart.

Thank God that there is a hope for her, as she is so full of life. She is adventurous, and is bravely learning to walk. She also loves colouring and being with her dad. She is smiley and nearly always happy, and so it is a joy to hear the news that they will be able to carry out a surgery which should make her little face and fingers less blue.

The doctor explained, with the help of translation from Mohammed’s dad, that due to the complexity of Marya’s heart, and her severe levels of pulmonary hypertension, the intervention needs to be carried out with 2 surgeries. There is a chance that her pulmonary hypertension will even be too much for them to safely carry out the second surgery; they will assess this with a catheterisation. This means that perhaps the first surgery will serve as a palliative measure, although it should really improve her quality of life.

Even carrying out this first surgery is considered to be a high risk procedure, and so please pray for Marya’s little life. Her father says that her life is in the hands of God, and so we need to keep interceding for her during this time, that God will keep her safe and heal her heart.

We will find out tomorrow more about her surgery date, it could be Thursday or on Monday next week.