Israa adores butterflies. She loves spotting the myriad of colorful butterflies and hearts on the wall of the cardiac unit. The process of transformation from egg–caterpillar–chrysalis–butterfly is extraordinary, and this cycle of metamorphosis is ongoing in our lives as well. Israa’s heart will never be the same after these two life-changing surgeries.

Today Israa was cleared to return to Shevet Achim. Her improvement has been wonderful. Her father was proud of how the doctor exclaimed the success of the surgeries, which was a complex two-stage plan. Israa’s father helped Israa wear her shoes and jacket, and he quickly packed their belongings.

He has been so kind in supporting the other families who are being helped by Shevet Achim and are stationed at the hospital. When one of the other children had a blood test, for example, he held the hand of that child.

Please continue to pray for Israa. We ask for transformation of not only her heart but her soul as well. We pray that she will grow and flourish in true freedom, as the butterflies roam freely. We also pray for her family. She has a sweet 4-year old sister. Today in the car ride home, her father eagerly exclaimed how his wife is pregnant with a baby boy.